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Bidabeach 1-2-4 Wheelz

HENG LONG 3839 - 1 1:16 U.S. M41A3 RC Tank



The U.S. M41A3 RC Light Tank is a vivid replica of the agile and well-armed vehicle. It can travel very quickly and manage very steep hills thanks to its independent torsion bar suspension system.

The tank can carry out the 360-degree rotation in place, its turret can do that of 320-degree, so everything in sight can be turned into the target. You can hear very clearly the movement of the track on the ground and shoot the harmless BB bullets everywhere while moving the gun up and down. More interestingly, you can feel the strong recoil each time it opens fire.


Main Features:

- Freedom of movement, i.e. 360-degree rotation in place, 320-degree rotation of the turret, 30-degree adjustable angle of the gun

- Immersive battle with the firing of harmless BB bullets accompanied by a violent recoil

- Generation of mechanic sound and non-toxic white smoke from the ventilation design at the rear

- Independent torsion bar suspension, solid chassis, and durable track designed to cope with uneven roads

- Up to 30 minutes' running provided by the 7.4V 1800mAh high-capacity LiPo battery


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