1-2-4 Wheelz

Huanqi No.H500


Bluetooth 2.0 RC Tank - MARPAT DESERT

Huanqi No.H500 Bluetooth 2.0 RC Tank Gravity Sensor Shooting Simulated Panzer Toy

Are you get ready to wage a war with this remote control tank? You can battle with your opponent by controlling your mobile phone!

Come on, let's join together in the fun!



- 1 : 36 original proportion: accurate to every detail of the tank, making it much more real!

- 360 degrees eversion: the tank will turn forward / backward / turn left / turn right according to your instruction.

- Built-in gravity sensor: you can use the phone's accelerometer control to play the game easily!

- Good in climbing ability: using finest motor for providing superior dynamic climbing performance.

- Multiple in functions: automatic displaying, simulated sounding, lighting effect and auto power-off, etc.

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