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Humidifier Mist Maker Fogger


Beauty Replenishment Mobile Moisture Supply for Android System.


This mobile moisture sprayer can work as both moisture replenishment humidifier and beautify apparatus

Nanometer tiny mist keep your skin moist for a long time, help your skin to get rid of dry and excessive oil secretion

Pocketable and exquisite, convenient to carry to everywhere

It is compatible with most popular mobile phones plug directly, such as iOS and Android



Take off the cover of water tank and pull out the stopper

Fill the tank with water with the water bottle and seal the tank

Screw the cover of USB plug to plug in with mobile and enable it to work with switching on the button

Spray in your face

If the humidifier won't spray in a normal working condition, please fill the tank with pure water and switch on humidifier, enable it to work again



Pure water is preferable, better effective spraying when focusing on face

Avoid kids

Avoid to put it in a damp, high temperature and exposure place

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