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1-2-4 Wheelz

Maxfind Electronic Skateboard


Wireless Remote Control, 360W Motor, Up To 28KM/h, Max Load 100KG, 22000mAh Light Weight Battery

The Maxfind electronic skateboard truly lets you steal the show while you are cruising down the streets in style. Very similar to any regular skateboard out there but with the extra addition of two powerful 360W motors, this motorized longboard allows you to reach speeds and distances likes never before. Coming with a small sized hand-held remote control this E-Street Board can be easily controlled, making it a fun motorized gadget for teenagers and young adults alike. Both advanced riders and beginners will enjoy countless hour’s worth of fun with this cool motorized skateboard.


Although traditional skateboarding might be difficult to learn, this electric skateboard provides you with a platform on which even people lacking all skateboarding experience can drive like a pro. With its remote control, the Maxfind skateboard will efficiently allow you to control your speed by accelerating and decelerating with the touch of a finger. Allowing you to reach speeds up to 28 kilometers per hour, this electronic skateboard will take you to any destination in no time.


Packing an epic yet light weight and compact 22000mAh Samsung 18650 Lithium battery, the Maxfind skateboard allows you to ride up to 16 kilometers before running out of juice. Additionally, this motorized skateboard can be used as a regular skateboard meaning that you are not forced to use its electronic motor. This provides you with the possibility to head out on your next skateboard trip in a relaxed manner as with the Maxfind electronic skateboard you will be able to ride the streets normally yet, when an extra push in the back is needed, its motor is always there to back you up.


Built from high-quality wood and topped off with an anti-slip supper grippy layer this electronic skateboard features an extremely durable design, made to withstand all sorts of terrains. Equipped with large and sturdy wheels the Maxfind E-Board even allows you to head off the tracks and into nature. Combining the intensity of extreme sports with the classic thrills of skateboarding, this power board delivers an extraordinary outdoor experience to people of any age.


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